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Get the most from your fitness investment.

Personal Training isn’t a luxury at Real Time Fitness in Pensacola. It’s part of our DNA. Short of your monthly membership fee, personal training is dollar-for-dollar the best investment you can make in your personal fitness. Click the video to hear from Paul, a Real Time Fitness member, about his experience with personal training.

Why personal training?

Personal training maximizes your investment: Get the most out of your membership fees — not to mention the money you put into the time it takes to train and get to and from the gym, workout clothing, and nutrition. Trainers increase the effectiveness of your existing fitness outlay.

The basics are everything: An exercise program is like the food pyramid. It starts with great technique, and an understanding of how the body responds to exercise. You owe yourself the solid foundation that comes from working with a Personal Trainer.

Advanced techniques are everything else: There is life beyond the basics! Once you’ve internalized the fundamentals, you’re ready to go to the next level. A Personal Trainer will know when it’s time.

Fresh routines motivate: There are so many ways to structure a workout! Repetition leads to boredom and lack of attentiveness. Stay fresh (and avoid injury) with the help of the best certified personal trainers in Pensacola.

Accountability: If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Most of us just aren’t that disciplined when it comes to fitness metrics. Let your Real Time Fitness Personal Trainer keep you on track with regular reviews and evaluations. No slacking allowed!

Realistic goal-setting: We’d all love to lose 20 pounds in a weekend. It can’t happen. If you try, you’ll feel defeated. Trust your Personal Trainer to set goals that can be reached, and help you celebrate as you hit them.

Value: Real Time Fitness Personal trainers are refreshingly affordable.

Meet our trainers



Associate of Science

Bachelor of Science of Exercise Science

ACE Certified Personal Trainer (2004)

NESTA Certified (2004)

TRX Group Instructor (2011)

15 years of personal training experience



Associate of Science

AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

7 years personal training experience



AFAA Certified Trainer

TRX Group Instructor

Ready to get started? Talk to any manager at the front desk or contact us here for more details. You’ll receive one or more trainer recommendations. Then get some results! At Real Time Fitness, we love personal training — and you will, too!